Major Capcom Data Containing Source Code For Devil May Cry 2 And More Has Leaked Online

In 2003, Capcom’s servers were breached, and a large amount of data was stolen. This data has now been leaked online, and it contains source code for Devil May Cry 2, as well as other Capcom games. This is a major leak for the company, and it will likely have far-reaching consequences.

On November 5th, Capcom’s systems were breached and a large amount of data was leaked online. This data included source code for Devil May Cry 2, as well as other sensitive information. While Capcom is still investigating the leak, it’s clear that this is a major security breach that has affected the company.

This leak is a major blow to Capcom, as it not only affects their reputation but also their bottom line. The source code for Devil May Cry 2 is valuable intellectual property, and its release online could potentially lead to pirated versions of the game being created. In addition, the sensitive information that was leaked could be used to exploit Capcom’s systems in the future.

Capcom is working to contain the damage from this leak, but it will be a long road to recovery. In the meantime, gamers can only hope that this doesn’t lead to any major disruptions in the release of upcoming Capcom games.

What Is Capcom?

Capcom is a Japanese video game company founded in 1979. The company is known for creating some of the most successful and iconic video game franchises of all time, such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry. In recent years, Capcom has been at the forefront of the gaming industry, with hits like Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

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The recent leak of Capcom data is a major blow to the company. The leak contains source code for Devil May Cry 2, as well as other unreleased Capcom games. This is a major setback for Capcom, as it could potentially lead to the release of pirated versions of their games. Capcom is currently working on a statement to address the situation.

What Was Leaked?

According to a report from TorrentFreak, a major cache of data from Capcom, the Japanese video game developer and publisher, has been leaked online. The data is said to include source code for the company’s popular Devil May Cry 2 game, as well as other titles such as Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: Outbreak, and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

The data was reportedly obtained by an anonymous hacker who breached Capcom’s systems earlier this year. The hacker is said to have gained access to the company’s ” Capcom Customer Support” page, from which the data was obtained.

TorrentFreak’s report notes that the data leak is “one of the biggest in the history of the video game industry.” The report also states that the data has been circulating among “a close-knit group of hackers and leakers” for some time, but is only now being made public.

The data leak comes as a major blow to Capcom, which has been struggling in recent years. The company has been embroiled in several lawsuits, and has been the target of several high-profile hacks. In 2016, the company was forced to pay a $1.5 million settlement after it was revealed that its employee data had been breached.

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It is not yet clear how the data leak will affect Capcom, or what the repercussions will be. However, it is sure to be a major embarrassment for the company, and could potentially lead to legal action.

Why Is This A Big Deal?

The recent Capcom data leak is a big deal because it exposes a lot of sensitive information about the company’s inner workings. This includes source code for popular games like Devil May Cry 2, as well as financial information and employee data. While some of this information may not be particularly damaging on its own, taken together it paint a fairly damning picture of the company.

This leak is especially damaging because it comes at a time when Capcom is already facing a lot of criticism over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The company has been accused of putting profits ahead of employee safety, and this data leak will only add fuel to that fire. In the short term, this is likely to damage Capcom’s reputation and make it harder to attract top talent. In the long term, it could lead to legal action and financial damages.

What Does This Mean For The Future?

The recent Capcom data leak has caused quite a stir in the gaming community. Many fans are wondering what this means for the future of the company and its games. While it is certainly not a good thing that this data has been leaked, it is important to remember that Capcom is a large and well-established company. They have been through data leaks before and have always bounced back.

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This leak does not mean the end of Capcom. The company has a long history and a large fanbase. They will continue to make great games and recover from this setback.


In conclusion, the Capcom data leak is a major event for the gaming community. While it is still unclear how the source code for Devil May Cry 2 and other games ended up online, it is clear that this is a significant leak. For fans of Capcom games, this leak provides an unprecedented look at the inner workings of some of their favorite titles. For the gaming industry as a whole, this leak highlights the importance of data security and the potential consequences of a major data breach.

Major Capcom Data Containing Source Code For Devil May Cry 2 And More Has Leaked Online

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